Jay Brandt
Jay Brandt can be heard on the third CD       Reflections In The Stream
in our label's Singer/Songwriter Series...                   now available !
Reflections In The Stream. Jay hails from
the city by the bay, San Francisco, and
his music is a very eclectic blend of folk,
rock, pop, swing and a bit of country.
"My musical influences run from bebop
to new wave to power-pop to R&B", says
Jay. "I discovered country music later...
I would include songwriters like Smokey
Robinson, Nick Lowe and Brian Wilson as
my influences. I always seem to keep pop
music sounds in mind, even when writing
a tear-in-your-beer kind of tune". All of us
in Oatville enjoy the music of Jay Brandt,
and we think that you will, too... so why not
preview a music clip now ?

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***Jay Brandt
1. Coincidence And Irony
2. When I'm With You
3. A Cup For My Coffee
4. You'll Never Know
All songs written by Jay Brandt
*** Pete Lampron
1. Erase
2. Turn To Sand
3. L.A. Blue
4. Crawling To The Cross
All songs written by Pete Lampron
*** Van Almen
1. Diamond In The Rough
2. Here For The Beer
3. What Makes A Good Country Song ?
4. Class Of '65
*** Elliott Frisby
1. Rusty Road
2. Young In Love
3. Heading Out There
4. In My Heart
All songs written by Elliott Frisby

Produced by Steve Haggard
Recorded by Randall Merryman
Mixed by Randall & Steve

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