Kenny McGeorge is among the artists featured
on Roads Less Traveled, the latest release in
our label's "Singer/Songwriter Series". Kenny,
who hails from New Jersey, writes some really
interesting, distinctive stuff. (He describes his
music as 'acoustic folk/pop with a dash of rock'.)
McGeorge cites Jackson Browne and Al Stewart
as among his major musical influences, but like
the other artists on Roads Less Traveled, Kenny
has developed his own sound and original style.
You can hear a Kenny McGeorge clip below, and
to buy a copy of Roads Less Traveled, click here!

Roads Less Traveled (Wild Oats Records)
*** Kenny McGeorge
A Better Place
Everywhere But Nicaragua
Forgotten Men
Songs written by Kenny McGeorge
*** Tudor Lodge
Time So Blue
Love Sweet Love
Break My Heart
If I Follow
Songs written by Lynne Whiteland
*** Eric Richardson
Six-String Love
Spine Highway
Love Is Winning
Sweet On Her
Songs written by Eric Richardson
*** Mark Mitten
Ride Away
These Are The Days
Old Country Road
Devil Red Thoroughbred
Songs written by Mark Mitten

Produced by Steve Haggard
Recorded by Randall Merryman
Mixed by Randall & Steve

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