Tudor Lodge
Based in Reading, England, the duo known as Tudor Lodge consists
of John Stannard and Lynne Whiteland. They recently visited scenic
Oat Central and recorded four fine tracks for Roads Less Traveled,
the latest CD in our label's Singer/Songwriter Series. We're very glad
they made the long trek to Nashville, as the duo's original style, first-
rate songs & musicianship, and nicely-blended vocals make them just
the kind of act we like here at Wild Oats Records. (While in town, they
also did a well-received set at our monthly Oat Songwriter Showcase.)
It's hard to put a finger on their sound -- which is one of the things that
makes them interesting -- but it's an appealing mixture that we feel will
be enjoyed by a wide audience. For a taste of Tudor Lodge, listen to their
MP3 clip below, and to buy a copy of Roads Less Traveled, click here!

Roads Less Traveled (Wild Oats Records)
Tudor Lodge
1.  Times So Blue
2.  If I Follow
3.  Love Sweet Love
4.  Break My Heart
All songs by Lynne Whiteland
Eric Richardson
5. Six String Love
6. Spine Highway
7. Sweet On Her
8. Love Is Winning
All songs by Eric Richardson
Kenny McGeorge
 9.  A Better Place
10. Windfall
11. Forgotten Men
12. Everywhere But Nicaragua
All songs by Kenny McGeorge
Mark Mitten
13. Old Country Road
14. Devil Red Thoroughbred
15 These Are The Days
16. Ride Away
All songs by Mark Mitten

Produced by Steve Haggard
Recorded by Randall Merryman
Mixed by Randall & Steve

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