Mark Brine is an utterly original singer, songwriter
  and guitarist. His excellent, very distinctive vocal
  style has been called "just this side of squirrelly";
  he writes powerful and evocative songs;  and he
  plays fine acoustic guitar. Based in Baltimore,
  Brine has toured in Europe, performed all over
   the USA and been a Nashville staff writer. His
  music is true American music; strongly rooted
  in tradition, but combining several styles and
  influences to create something totally unique.
  "Brine must be Americana's best kept secret,"
  writes deejay/reviewer Eddie Russell, "I am
  absolutely knocked out by 'For Karrie' and its
  warm stories and beautiful picking." Several of
  Mark's CDs, including his brand-new Wild Oats
  Records release, Live In A Field Of Bluegrass, and
  his three previous Oat CDs can be found on our
  CDs & Merchandise page.

  The late Roy Acuff on Mark Brine: "I could listen to him
   sing all night long."

   Live In A Field Of Bluegrass (Wild Oats Records)
    1.  Back In The Country
    2.  Dear Jesse
    3.  New Blue Yodel
    4.  (You Are) The Light Of The World
    5.  Wreck On The Highway
    6.  The Briley Boys
    7.  Whippin' That Ole T.B. Blues
    8.  Road Rage Blues (Horatio's Ride)
    9.  Factory Boy
  10.  Fortunes
  11.  Thank God, Thank God
  12.  California Blues (Blue Yodel #4)
  13.  Ukulele Yodelin' Blues
  14.  Fred, The Yodeling Pig

Mark Brine
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