Zachary Oberzan was one of four artists featured on
Mighty Above All Things... the very first CD release in
our label's Singer/Songwriter Series. (Oberzan's four
tracks from that CD have now been re-released as
part of his new full-length disc, Athletes Of Romance.)
Originally from a little town way up in Maine, Zack is
currently residing in New York City, where in addition
to pursuing his music career, he is also an actor. He's
a genuine original whose occasionally abstract lyrics
and dramatic flair led one very enthusiastic reviewer to
call his unique style "Zachedelic". Oberzan lists artists like
Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake among his influences,
and we highly recommend him. Listen to an MP3 clip of
Zachary Oberzan below... and to buy yourself a copy of
Mighty Above All Things, click here.

Mighty Above All Things (Wild Oats Records)

1. The Mess I'm In (Z. Oberzan)
2. Perfect (Z. Oberzan)
3. Peculiar Wedding (Z. Oberzan)
4. Amelia Earhart (Z. Oberzan)
1. There's Some Highway (F. Turrell)
2. 45s (F. Turrell)
3. Violet (F. Turrell)
4. Wreckage (F. Turrell)
1. Forgive Her (P. Adzima)
2. You'd Think I'd Learn (P. Adzima)
3. Fall In July (P. Adzima)
4. Fiction For The Soul (P. Adzima)
1. Oh My Love (G. Jackson)
2. Freedom Train (G. Jackson)
3. At Times Like This (G. Jackson)
4. Carney Clown (G. Jackson)

Produced by Steve Haggard
Recorded by Randall Merryman
Mixed by Randall & Steve

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